Base64 to Image

Decode image from Base64 encoded data
decode image


Our Base64 to image online decoder tool allows you to quickly and easily convert Base64-encoded images to their original image format. Users simply copy the Base64-encoded image string, paste it into the decoder's input field, and click the decode button to initiate the decoding process. Once the image has been decoded, the user can view and download the resulting image file. If you need to encode an image with Base64, check out Image to Base64.

How to use this Base64 to Image online tool

  1. Paste the base64 encoded image data into the input form or simply upload it as file if Base64 data is too big.
  2. Click on the DECODE button.
  3. The result image will appear below the form along with the following data: filename, file size, mime type and download link.
  4. Make sure you download the image as soon as possible becuase link will expire.

Allowed image mime types

This tool decodes images for the following mime types:

  • image/jpg
  • image/jpeg
  • image/gif
  • image/png
  • image/bmp
  • image/ico
  • image/svg
  • image/webp